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The Liebes Kind: Chapter 2 – Unveiling Secrets and Reuniting Families



Chapter 2: The House

The chapter begins with Jana waking up in Peter Beck’s house. She is confused and scared, unable to recall what happened. Peter tells her she is in his house and safe.

Jana starts exploring the house and discovers a secret room with toys and children’s books. She also finds a diary belonging to a girl named Lena, describing how Lena was kidnapped by a man named Peter Beck.

Jana realizes that she is Lena. She remembers being kidnapped by Peter Beck when she was 5 years old.

Meanwhile, the police continue their investigation into Jana’s case. Detective Frank visits Peter Beck’s house to interrogate him. Frank asks Peter why he kidnapped Jana, but Peter does not provide a direct answer.

Frank also visits Jana’s mother, Claudia. Claudia tells Frank that she knows nothing about her daughter’s kidnapping. She says Peter was always a good father and would never harm Jana.

Jana begins to have flashbacks of her life with Peter. She recalls being kept locked in the house and forced to do things she didn’t want to do.

Jana also remembers Hannah. She tells Peter that Hannah is her friend, but Peter insists that Hannah is dead.

Jana escapes from Peter’s house and heads to the forest. There, she finds Hannah, who is alive. Hannah tells Jana that she is the only one who can help her escape from Peter.

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Jana and Hannah make their way to Hannah’s mother’s house. There, Jana reunites with her mother for the first time in 13 years.

Jana and her mother leave Hannah’s house, determined to start a new life together.

Main Themes

The second chapter of “The Liebes Kind” explores the following main themes:

  1. Memory: Jana struggles to remember her past. She has flashbacks of her life with Peter but isn’t sure if they are real or not.
  2. Identity: Jana is trying to discover who she is. She has lived her entire life as a prisoner and must now learn to navigate the real world.
  3. Family: Jana is reuniting with her family for the first time in 13 years. She is trying to rebuild her life with her mother.

Unanswered Questions

The second chapter leaves some questions unanswered:

  1. What happened to Jana’s mother after the kidnapping?
  2. Why did Peter Beck kidnap Jana?
  3. What happened to Hannah?

The rest of the series focuses on answering these questions.


The chapter is more exciting and suspenseful than the first one.

The performances of Kim Riedle and Naila Schuberth are excellent.

The story is intriguing and well-developed.

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The chapter can be somewhat predictable.

Some characters, like Jana’s mother, are developed somewhat superficially.


The second chapter of “The Liebes Kind” is a significant improvement over the first one. It is more exciting and suspenseful, and the performances of Kim Riedle and Naila Schuberth are excellent. The story is intriguing and well-developed.

Overall, the second chapter is a good continuation of the series. It is a chapter that will keep the viewer engaged until the end.

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