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Odd Taxi Episode 3: Secrets, Suspicion, and a Broken Phone



Hold on tight to your taxi seat because the “Odd Taxi” series is not slowing down on its journey of mystery and intrigue! Episode 3 takes us back to the sauna, where gossipy conversations and hidden conspiracies are still the order of the day. If you thought life in a sauna could be boring, think again, because things are about to get really interesting!

It turns out that Kakihana, our beloved Zooden game lover, is in the right place at the right time. While enjoying a well-deserved break at the sauna, she accidentally overhears a phone conversation between Kuroda and Dobu. The gossip of the day? Kuroda is on a mission to track down Odokawa and get information about a mysterious case that has taken an unexpected turn. It turns out that the missing girl left a card revealing her desire to run away. What a way to solve a mystery!

Dobu, under pressure from his boss Kuroda, tries to persuade Odokawa to cooperate. We learn that the case involves the daughter of an old friend of Kuroda’s, “Don.” What makes things even more complicated is that Odokawa’s dash cam contains footage of the missing girl, making him a key piece of the puzzle. Dobu assures Odokawa that he is only working with Kenshiro, the older Daimon, and that the younger Koshiro has no idea about his clandestine activities.

A complex web of rivalry and distrust develops, as Dobu is convinced that Yano, his subordinate and debt collector for Kuroda, is somehow involved in the girl’s disappearance. Yano’s ambition to outdo Dobu in debt collection has led him to unexpected extremes, even trying to damage Dobu’s reputation in front of Kuroda. Dobu believes that Yano is orchestrating the girl’s disappearance to frame him, and so he is determined to expose Yano’s plan. However, he must do so discreetly, as revealing his intentions to Kuroda could worsen their already strained relationship.

When Odokawa initially refuses to cooperate, Dobu resorts to threats, including the use of a firearm. A tense standoff ensues, with Odokawa sending a distress call to the police. Surprisingly, the one to respond is Kenshiro, the older Daimon, who dismisses the call. Odokawa’s intention was to test whether Dobu was telling the truth about their association.

In the midst of all this, we take a pause in the plot for an emotional flashback that sheds light on Kenshiro’s deep resentment towards taxi drivers. It seems that there is a traumatic incident in his past that has left a lasting scar.

In the end, Odokawa gives in and agrees to help Dobu, who threatens to put Shirakawa’s safety at risk. Dobu stresses the importance of keeping their collaboration and the contents of the dash cam SD card a secret, especially if Yano or his associates ask questions.

As the episode progresses, we learn that the heart-shaped pen that hides the dash cam has been tampered with, suggesting that their conversation was not recorded. Dobu heads to the park to bury the gun.

In another seemingly unrelated twist, Odokawa’s encounter with Tanaka takes an unexpected turn. He nearly runs over Tanaka, which leads him to break his phone, ruining his rare capture of a Dodo in Zooden.

During a peculiar “date” with Shirakawa, Odokawa shares that he has drawn the attention of some yakuza-type individuals. Despite Odokawa’s surprise, Shirakawa reveals her capoeira skills. Despite her demonstration, Odokawa remains skeptical, questioning her true abilities, even when reminded that she is an adult. After their “date,” Shirakawa prepares to start her shift at the clinic, and Odokawa offers her a free ride.

In another subplot, Baba begins her new job on a food show, participating in a segment called “What’s for lunch?”.

At Taeko’s bar, Kakihana asks about Odokawa’s “date” with Shirakawa. Odokawa expresses his growing affection for her. However, as they reminisce about their high school days, Kakihana shares messages that she has exchanged with Shiho. Odokawa discovers that Kakihana’s supposed connection to Shiho is based on a lie about her income. Kakihana begs Odokawa not to reveal the truth, and Odokawa reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Shirakawa, working at the clinic, is alarmed to realize that Gouriki has not shown up as expected. In a conversation with Odokawa, she expresses her concerns about Gouriki’s absence.

The episode takes another intriguing turn when Kakihana meets Shiho, who surprises him with her politeness and kindness. As they head to a tea bar, they are followed by Yamamoto and Sekiguchi, who are suspected to be Yano’s

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