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Jigsaw : A Bloody Puzzle of Nostalgia and Horror



“Jigsaw” is a 2017 horror film and the eighth installment in the Saw film franchise. The story revolves around a series of gruesome murders that bear the distinctive hallmarks of the Jigsaw Killer, even though he has been dead for a decade. As a new wave of murders begins, a group of detectives and forensic experts must work together to unravel the mystery and catch the apparent copycat killer.

The film introduces a new set of victims who find themselves trapped in elaborately constructed, life-threatening games, all seemingly orchestrated by the legendary Jigsaw. As the game progresses, the victims must confront their own dark secrets and make life-or-death decisions.

Throughout the movie, the narrative weaves together present-day events with flashbacks that provide insight into the history of Jigsaw and his followers. As the detectives get closer to solving the case, they discover shocking twists and revelations about the true identity of the killer.

“Jigsaw” aims to rejuvenate the Saw franchise with its signature blend of gruesome traps, psychological suspense, and unexpected plot twists, offering fans of the series a fresh take on the iconic horror elements associated with the Jigsaw Killer.


“Jigsaw” (2017) was directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, known collectively as “The Spierig Brothers.” They are Australian filmmakers who have worked on various genres, including horror and science fiction. Their directing credits include films like “Daybreakers” and “Predestination.”


The film features the following actors in its cast:

  1. Matt Passmore as Logan Nelson: Matt Passmore plays Logan Nelson, one of the main characters in the film who becomes involved in the Jigsaw case.
  2. Callum Keith Rennie as Detective Halloran: Callum Keith Rennie portrays Detective Halloran, a police officer tasked with solving the new wave of Jigsaw killings.
  3. Tobin Bell as John Kramer/Jigsaw: Tobin Bell makes a return to the series as John Kramer, the original Jigsaw killer, through flashbacks and recordings.
  4. Hannah Emily Anderson as Eleanor Bonneville: Hannah Emily Anderson plays Eleanor Bonneville, a forensic pathologist who assists in the investigation.
  5. Cle Bennett as Detective Keith Hunt: Cle Bennett portrays Detective Keith Hunt, a member of the police team investigating the Jigsaw killings.
  6. Laura Vandervoort as Anna: Laura Vandervoort plays Anna, one of the victims trapped in one of Jigsaw’s deadly games.
  7. Paul Braunstein as Ryan: Paul Braunstein appears as Ryan, another victim in Jigsaw’s games.

These are some of the key members of the cast who contribute to the suspense and horror in “Jigsaw” (2017), the eighth installment of the Saw franchise.

“Jigsaw” (2017) received mixed to generally positive reception from both critics and audiences. Here’s an overview of its reception:

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Critical Reception:

  • Critics appreciated the film’s return to the roots of the Saw franchise, with its intricate traps and suspenseful sequences.
  • Some critics noted that “Jigsaw” managed to inject new life into the series by introducing fresh characters and storylines.
  • However, others felt that the film didn’t bring enough innovation to the franchise and criticized it for sticking too closely to the formula.
  • Rotten Tomatoes reported a 33% approval rating from critics, indicating mixed reviews.

Audience Reception:

  • Audiences generally enjoyed “Jigsaw” for its nostalgic callbacks to the earlier Saw films and the return of Tobin Bell as Jigsaw.
  • The film’s elaborate traps and moral dilemmas continued to be a draw for fans of the series.
  • While some appreciated the attempt to revitalize the franchise, others felt that it didn’t reach the heights of the original films.

In summary, “Jigsaw” received a mixed-to-positive reception, with some appreciating its return to Saw’s core elements and others feeling that it didn’t fully capture the original’s impact. Nevertheless, it was generally well-received by fans of the franchise who enjoyed the familiar horror elements and the suspenseful storytelling.


Nostalgic Appeal: “Jigsaw” successfully taps into the nostalgia associated with the Saw franchise, bringing back familiar elements like Jigsaw himself and his signature traps, which resonated with longtime fans.

Intricate Traps and Suspense: The film retains the series’ trademark elaborate traps and moral dilemmas, offering audiences suspenseful and gruesome sequences that have been a key attraction of the franchise.

Fresh Characters and Storylines: “Jigsaw” introduces new characters and plotlines while also providing insights into the past of the Jigsaw killer. This blend of old and new elements helps rejuvenate the series.


Sticking to the Formula: Some critics and viewers found fault with the film for sticking too closely to the established Saw formula, leading to a sense of predictability and lack of innovation.

Mixed Critical Response: “Jigsaw” received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its return to form and others feeling it fell short of expectations, indicating a degree of divisiveness within the audience.

High Expectations: As the eighth installment in the franchise, “Jigsaw” faced high expectations, and while it succeeded in revitalizing the series to some extent, it may not have met the lofty hopes of all fans.

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