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Experience the Joyous Resurgence of the Agostinas Festival Parade in El Salvador



The Festive Revival Amid a Changing World

Resounding with peace bands, decorated floats, lively clowns, and the classic ‘cachiporras’, the Desfile de Correos (Mail Parade) signaled the resumption of the Agostinas Festival at the iconic Divino Salvador del Mundo square. After a two-year pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the vibrant heart of San Salvador was once again pulsating with the joy and color of its traditional festival, filled with delightful surprises to entertain city dwellers.

A Patronal Celebration Reignites

The first day of August was no ordinary Monday for Salvadorans. Hundreds congregated at the Divino Salvador del Mundo square to revel in the Desfile de Correos, the grand kick-off to the beloved patronal festivities. Early bird spectators sought out the best spots to admire the floats, Peace Bands, indispensable ‘cachiporras’, and of course, the beloved clowns and traditional elderly figures that filled the parade.

Mythological Characters Lead the Festive March

The parade was brought to life with the much-loved and equally feared mythological characters like the Siguanaba, the Cipitío, and the devil among others, leading the vibrant procession that commenced at 9:15 a.m. The man behind the entrancing Siguanaba character, Reinaldo Barrera, has been animating this mythical figure since 1989. Eager to return to the streets after two years, he expressed his excitement about bringing joy to the citizens of the capital city.

Festival-goers Share Their First-time Experiences

For first-time attendees such as Marta Barahona, who travelled from Usulután with her family, the event was a joyful spectacle. Barahona was captivated by the festival’s ambiance, floats, and ‘cachiporras’, and urged everyone to partake in the delightful experience that San Salvador has to offer. Similarly, young visitors like Ariel Campos and his friends arrived early to the Divino Salvador del Mundo square to enjoy the parade for the first time.

A Harmonious Display of Beauty, Color, and Fun

The streets of San Salvador were packed on August 1st, with numerous spectators from different parts of the country and beyond its borders. The atmosphere was buzzing with beauty, color, excitement, and fun. Throughout the event, emergency personnel, CAM agents, and members of the National Civil Police (PNC) ensured the safe and healthy environment, and no incidents or emergencies were reported, testifying to Salvadorans’ adherence to the guidelines provided by the authorities.

The parade concluded around 12:30 p.m. at Cuscatlán Park, where a ceremony marked the inauguration of the patronal festivities. Verónica Guerrero and Henry Urbina, the enchanting hosts, orchestrated the event, wrapping up a day of grandeur and excitement. The successful revival of these festivities symbolizes hope, resilience, and the ability of Salvadorans to rise above challenges, embracing joy and tradition in a post-pandemic world.

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