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Attack on Titan: Final Season Episode 8: a bitter victory



The chapter begins with Reiner and Eren fighting. Reiner is using the Armored Titan, and Eren is using the Founding Titan. The two titans are evenly matched in strength, and the battle is prolonged.

Eventually, Eren is able to overpower Reiner and defeat him. Reiner is badly injured, but he survives.

After Reiner’s defeat, Gabi goes berserk. She is furious with Eren for killing her friends, and she decides to get revenge. She finds Sasha and shoots her in the back. Sasha dies instantly.

Sasha’s death is a devastating blow to her friends. They are all devastated, and they cannot believe that she is gone. Sasha’s death also has a profound impact on Eren. He realizes that his actions have consequences, and he is starting to lose the people he cares about.

The chapter ends with Eren’s friends no longer trusting him. They saw what he had done to Reiner and Sasha, and they could not believe that he was capable of such violence. Eren’s friends are starting to question their loyalties, and they do not know what to do.

Chapter 8 was a dark and tragic chapter for Attack on Titan. Sasha’s death was a devastating moment, and Eren’s friends were forced to question their loyalties. The chapter left fans with many questions, and Season 4 Part 2 is sure to be even more impactful.

Here are some additional thoughts on the chapter:

  • Sasha’s death is a devastating moment for Attack on Titan fans. Sasha was a popular character, and her death was a surprise to many.
  • Sasha’s death also has a profound impact on Eren. He realizes that his actions have consequences, and he is starting to lose the people he cares about.
  • The loss of trust in Eren from his friends is a major moment in the story. Fans are starting to wonder if Eren is really the hero they think he is.
  • Chapter 800 left fans with many questions. What will happen in Season 4 Part 2? Will Eren be able to achieve his goals? Will Eren’s friends be able to forgive him for his actions?

Chapter 8 of Attack on Titan was very well-received by fans around the world. The battle between Eren and Reiner was praised for its action and emotion, and Sasha’s death was a shocking moment that fans will not soon forget.

Overall, Chapter 8 was a successful chapter that left fans with many questions and anticipation for Season 4 Part 2.

Here are some examples of the positive reception of the chapter:

  • “Chapter 8 was incredible. The battle between Eren and Reiner was epic, and Sasha’s death was devastating. I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 4 Part 2!”
  • “Chapter 8 was one of the best chapters of Attack on Titan so far. The writing, the action, and the character development were all top-notch. I’m very impressed!”
  • “Chapter 8 was a shocking moment for Attack on Titan. Sasha’s death was a devastating moment, and Gabi’s betrayal was unexpected. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

The chapter was also praised for its writing and character development. Fans appreciated the way the chapter showed the impact of Eren’s actions on his friends, and the way the chapter put Eren’s morality into question.

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