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Drake and 21 Savage – Rich Flex – Billboard song



“Rich Flex”
ReleasedNovember 4, 2022
Length3 minutes and 59 seconds
LabelOVO – Republic

Official Video:


“Rich Flex” is a tune by Canadian rapper Drake and Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage. It was made available on November 4, 2022, as the opening track from their collaborative studio album Her Loss. The song incorporates “Savage” (2020) by Megan Thee Stallion, “24’s” (2003) by T.I., and “Red Opps” (2016) by 21 Savage, as well as sampling “I Want You, Girl” (1973) by Sugar and “Nora’s Transformation” (1973) by Charles Bernstein. The song spent its first three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number two, hindered from reaching the top spot by Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” and reached the peak at number one on the Canadian Hot 100 chart where it became Drake’s eleventh number one single.


Go buy a zip of w-, hit the club
Pay for like ten n- to get in, we crunk, lit in this b-, yeah
Know we walk around the world
Steppin’ not givin’ a damn ’bout where our feet land at
Yeah, get your a- mushed, smooshed (6ix)
Yeah, 21, the biggest
Put a n- in the chicken wing
21, can you do something for me? (twenty-one)
Can you hit a lil’ rich flex for me? (twenty-one)
And 21, can you do something for me? (21, 21)
Drop some bars to my – ex for me
And 21 (21), can you do something” for me? (Yeah)
Can you talk to the opps necks for me? (OK)
21, do your thing, 21, do your thing (21)
Do your thing, 21, do your thing
Yellow diamonds in the watch, this sh- cost a lot
Never send a b-your dot, that’s how you get shot
I DM in Vanish Mode, I do that sh- a lot
Took her panties off and this b- thicker than a plot
All my exes ain’t nothin’, they h-busted
If my opponents ain’t rappin’, they ass duckin’
You ain’t ready to pull the trigger, don’t clutch it
I know you on your -, baby, can you -?
I’m a savage (21)
Smack her booty in Magic (21)
I’ll slap a – with a ratchet
I might slap a tracker on his whip and get to addin’
Don’t call me on Christmas Eve, b-, call your daddy (21)
Call your uncle (21), b-, don’t call me (21)
Always in my ear, your h-a flea(
Why my opponents be posting guns and only use their feet? (twenty-one)
Paid like an athlete, I got-
All you h-
All of you need to remember who y’all talking to
It’s the Slaughter Gang CEO
I got d- for you if I’m not working, girl
If I’m busy, then, f- no
You need to find someone else to call
When your bank account gets low
You need to find someone
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
I’m on that Slaughter Gang sh-, ayy, murder gang sh-
Ayy, Slaughter Gang sh-, ayy, murder gang sh-
Ayy, sticks and stones, chrome on chrome
That’s just what a n-on
Internet clones, got ’em kissin’ through the phone
Clickin’ up so they don’t feel alone, ayy
Nan’ n- seein’ me, I’m Young Money CMB
I used to roll with CMG, the house is not a BNB
The bad b- waitin’ on a n- like I’m PnD
I’m steady pushing P, you n-pushing PTSD
I told her a- to kiss me in the club, f- a TMZ
I used to want a GMC, when Woe was doing BNE
We revvin’ up and goin’ on a run like the DMC
I layup with her for a couple days, then its de ella BRB
You rappers like askin’ if I f-, when you know we did
When you know we did
She came in heels, but she left out on her cozy sh-
Ayy, I’m living every 24 like Kobe did
Shoutout to the 6ix, R.I.P the 8
Swear this sh- is getting ate, I’m on ten for the cake
Get a lot of love from 12, but I don’t reciprocate
51 division stay patrolling when it’s late
21 my addy, so the knife is on the gate
All the dawgs eating off a Baccarat plate
See Drake and they underestimate
Take it from a vet, that’s a rookie a- mistake, ayy
Ah, what, what
Slaughter gang sh-, ayy, murder gang sh-, ayy
Slaughter gang sh-, ayy, murder gang sh-, ayy
(Slaughter gang sh-, ayy, murder gang sh-, ayy)
(And you got ’em)
Boy, look, you the m-man
Boy, you, ooh, you are the man, do you hear me?

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