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Odd Taxi Episode 12: Bank Robberies and Betrayals – Exciting Conclusion



Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions in the final chapter of ODDTAXI! Plots intertwine, tensions reach their peak, and our beloved characters face crucial decisions in this thrilling episode. From the mysterious bank heist plan to unexpected twists in alliances, every moment is one surprise after another.

In this post, we will unravel the most impactful events of this episode and analyze the implications for the future of our protagonists. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to dive into the world of ODDTAXI as we explore bold decisions, surprising betrayals, and unforeseen consequences that shape this captivating narrative. Let’s embark on this exciting journey!

The bank robbery plan is set in motion as cases filled with counterfeit bills are loaded into Yano’s van. Dobu’s plan unfolds smoothly, with only one case thoroughly examined by Sekiguchi due to his hurry to return to the hideout. Kenshiro follows the van while Dobu loads the nine real cases into his vehicle.

Dobu meets Odokawa in the parking lot and informs him of where Yano will be ambushed. Secretly, Odokawa places the listening device he found in Dobu’s van.

At the police station, two officers discuss a rumor about Koshiro resigning to cover up the loss of his firearm and potential misuse. Shofutei is seen talking on the phone with Kuroda, making plans to meet him to distract himself from recent events.

In the loser’s bracket of N-1, Shibagaki and Baba perform their routine to a positive audience reception, but Shibagaki starts to falter and expresses his grievances with Baba and his life on stage.

Yano’s van is pulled over by Kenshiro as Odokawa approaches the area. Sekiguchi and Yano cooperate and show Kenshiro the cases, claiming they are helping their friend Imai transport his lottery winnings. Kenshiro opens one of the other cases and discovers that the money is counterfeit, much to Yano and Sekiguchi’s shock. He detains them in his car while letting Imai go. Distracted, Dobu seizes the van along with the remaining real case, and the duo finally realizes that Kenshiro was allied with Dobu.

Dobu places the case in Odokawa’s taxi, and they both start making their way back to the parking lot where they left Dobu’s van. Dobu questions Odokawa about whether he was planning to turn him in to the police, threatens him, and implies an important rule from his boss.

Upon returning to the parking lot, Tanaka, who had followed the listening device, is waiting for them. Dobu isn’t worried, as he believes the gun is out of bullets, having accounted for the shots fired earlier. Tanaka asks what business he has with them and eventually realizes that Dobu was lying. He then shows the Donraku Shofutei eraser that fell from Odokawa’s pocket.

Tanaka inquires about the source of the eraser, and Dobu explains that he received it from Kuroda, who then passed it to Shirakawa around fifteen years ago. Tanaka asks if the name “ditch-11” sounds familiar and if he plays “Zooden.” He threatens Dobu, who initially denies any connection. Odokawa checks the account himself, revealing that Dobu is indeed “ditch-11.” Tanaka berates Dobu for his lie, and Dobu brings up his own lie about contacting him, blaming him for the turmoil in his life. Tanaka then shoots Dobu in the abdomen, revealing that he still had one bullet left, and flees the scene.

Dobu pleads with Odokawa to take him to an underground doctor, but Odokawa instead steals his keys and instructs him to go to a regular hospital, as someone has likely called an ambulance after hearing the gunshot. Odokawa places the keys under the van and leaves the parking lot, stating that this is Dobu’s retribution. Odokawa calls Imai and tells him to take his money and the keys. Before he can depart, Sekiguchi and Yano catch up to him in the police car, initiating a chase.

Koshiro finds Kenshiro, beaten on the side of the road. He reproaches him but requests that he joins him in arresting Yano’s gang, despite Kenshiro pointing out that he would be arrested too. Tearfully, Koshiro asks Kenshiro why he allied with Dobu and shows him a duck keychain he received from an organization that assists children orphaned by car accidents, run by Kuroda. Koshiro, still affected by his brother’s confirmed involvement with Dobu, resolves to bring him down once and for all.

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