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Spy x Family Episode 5: Anya’s Admission to Eden Academy



Today, we immerse ourselves in an episode full of emotions in the life of the Forgers! The Eden Academy, that place of prestige that everyone aspires to, is about to announce the admission results. While Twilight’s boss, confidant of the Forger family, remains calm, he knows that his best spy, Loid, will soon give them the good news that Anya has been accepted. However, the adventure is just beginning.

On their way to check the results, the Forger family encounters a series of unexpected and often hilarious events. They are those “bad luck” moments that seem to haunt them, but which, as always, lead to comical situations. Loid, with the look of a worried father, cannot find Anya’s name on the list of accepted students. Has the Eden Academy made a mistake, or is something else going on here?

Fortunately, Henry Henderson, the housemaster, crosses his path. A man of strong convictions and attached to elegance, Henderson realizes that the Forgers are different. He does not despise them like the other applicants, rather, he is surprised to find in them a unique touch of elegance. But that’s just the beginning of the surprises.

Henry reveals the existence of a confidential waiting list, and at the top is Anya’s name. In fact, Loid and his family have accumulated certain points with their previous actions, including saving Murdoch Swan from deadly mosquitoes. Yes, you read that right, deadly mosquitoes! Loid is not only a master of espionage, but also a top-notch insect exterminator.

However, the tension does not disappear. Anya’s future at Eden Academy is still uncertain, as it all depends on whether any of the admitted applicants decide to withdraw. And here is where things get interesting. Although no one wants to step back, Yor, for a moment, contemplates a crazy idea. But, luckily, she decides that murdering the father of another applicant is not the solution (and we should be grateful for that!).

Time passes and the Forgers anxiously await a call that will finally give them the answer they so crave. The wait becomes endless, and it is only after three long days that the phone finally rings. Anya has been accepted to Eden Academy. Joy erupts in the Forger home, and even Franky, the ever-present friend, joins in the celebration.

But in the midst of the excitement, Franky lets slip a little secret. Apparently, he sold Loid the answers to the exam, but Yor, completely drunk, doesn’t hear well. What is even more surprising is Anya’s wish as a reward for her admission to the academy. She doesn’t want material gifts, but an exciting experience, like being rescued from a castle.

The challenge becomes a spectacular adventure. The castle of the program is remodeled as a theme park and rented for the occasion. The Forgers and Franky, not necessarily enthusiastic about the idea, embark on a theatrical adventure to save Anya.

As the mission unfolds, Loid realizes he must face hostile agents and complete a series of challenges. Franky directs the play in a way that involves agents and, of course, a dash of chaos. In the end, Loidman, as played by Loid, fights the final villain, Franky, but the story takes an unexpected turn.

This is a testament to the Forgers’ great skill, demonstrating once again that, despite their unconventional appearance and quirks, they are a truly exceptional family. Anya, with her joy and adventurous spirit, joins the game, and between performances and challenges, everyone celebrates her admission to Eden Academy.

This chapter is a reminder that, in the craziest situations, family love and commitment can shine through. Despite their differences and challenges, the Forgers show us that they are a truly wonderful family. They leave us with a smile on our faces, and this story reminds us that, even in the midst of a secret mission, there is always room for humor and affection.

As we eagerly await the Forgers’ next adventure, let’s take a lesson from their book: celebrate the small victories and face challenges with humor and love. After all, family is the most important thing, even when it includes spies, assassins, and girls with telepathic abilities. Until next time, friends!

In this exciting chapter of the misadventures of the Forger family, we have witnessed a roller coaster of emotions, laughter, and out-of-the-ordinary situations. From the tension of waiting for the admission results to Eden Academy to the extravagant adventure.

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