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Wonder Egg Priority: The Anime That Breaks the Mold and Touches Deep



Hello, anime fans! Are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of ‘Wonder Egg Priority’? This hidden gem from last season could be the next cult series everyone is talking about. Get ready for a mind-bending journey full of mystery and psychology.

Created by CloverWorks, the same studio behind ‘The Promised Neverland’ (despite its controversial ending in its second season), and written by animation newcomer Shinji Nojima, this series is not what it seems at first glance. Although it may seem like a typical magical girl story with special powers, ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ is much more than that.

Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority

The first episode introduces us to Ai Ohto, a teenage girl with heterochromia (two irises of different colors!) who is bullied at school. After the tragic death of her only friend, Ai stops attending classes. But her life takes an unexpected turn when she finds a dead firefly, which comes to life and leads her to a mysterious egg vending machine. These wonder eggs take her to a dream world, where she must fight monsters called “Seeno Evils,” “Haters,” and “Wonder Killers” to save troubled young girls and help them overcome their traumas. In exchange, she is promised that she will be able to discover the truth behind her friend’s death.

But Ai is not alone on this mission. She soon meets three other girls: Neiru, a young millionaire who is a woman of few words; Rika Kawai, a former idol with hidden emotional problems behind her cheerfulness; and Momoe, a quiet girl who is stigmatized for her androgynous appearance. Each one has her own reasons for buying these wonder eggs each week and embarks on an adventure that will make them face their own fears and traumas.

‘Wonder Egg Priority’ is a true genre cocktail. It combines elements of magical girls with psychology, fantasy, and horror in a dream world where young girls face the fears that led their peers to suicide. But at its core, it is a story about self-improvement and emotional growth.

As the series progresses, sensitive topics such as abuse, self-harm, depression, low self-esteem, bullying, harassment, and anxiety are explored. The series handles these topics with sensitivity and care, but it is important for viewers who are sensitive to these topics to be aware of them before watching.

The animation and settings are beautiful, and the series masterfully balances emotional moments with comedic touches. The battles against the monsters in the dream world are action-packed and visually stunning.

One of the peculiarities of ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ is that the protagonists do not change costumes like typical “magical girls.” Instead, they demonstrate their emotional growth and learning without the need for extravagant visual transformations.

This series addresses the challenges of youth, a stage of life full of uncertainty and change. Through the experiences of these four girls, the series demonstrates the power of overcoming mental obstacles and the importance of friendship and support.

Although the 12 episodes of the series do not reveal all the secrets of the plot, there is a special episode scheduled for June 30 that promises to give the story a closure. So you still have time to catch up and join this exciting adventure!

‘Wonder Egg Priority’ is an intense and exciting experience that will make you think about life and self-improvement. Are you ready to discover its secrets? Don’t miss it!

In conclusion, ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ is one of those anime series that hits you in the heart and keeps you glued to the screen. With a unique blend of genres, endearing characters, and a brave approach to deep themes, this series is an emotional journey you can’t miss. Each episode will surprise you, make you laugh, and, at times, take you to the edge of your emotions. Although the plot still holds secrets to be revealed, the promise of a special episode to close the story keeps us eager for more.

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‘Wonder Egg Priority’ reminds us of the importance of self-improvement and friendship, while immersing us in a world of dreams, mystery, and exciting adventures. If you’re an anime fan and you’re looking for a unique experience, this series is an exceptional choice. So get ready to immerse yourself in this exciting journey and discover the secrets that await in the wonderful world of wonder eggs. Don’t miss it!

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