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Promare” Review: A Visual Spectacle That Will Leave You Breathless



The most mind-blowing anime movie you’ll see this year! Are you brave enough to immerse yourself in a world on fire? “Promare” from Studio Trigger is coming to theaters and we’re here to reveal all its secrets. Get ready for the visual spectacle of your life, because “Promare” will leave you breathless!

Prepare for chaos and extravagance with the latest creation from Studio Trigger! Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima, the dynamic duo behind iconic series such as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan and Kill La Kill, have reunited to bring their unmistakable style to the big screen in “Promare.” The movie, distributed in Spain by Selecta Visión, will be released in 48 theaters on October 23, with dubbing options in Castilian and Catalan, as well as the original Japanese subtitled version.

In “Promare,” the world is on fire, and a group of mutants known as the BURNISH have the ability to control fire. But fear not, the brave GALO and the Fire Rescue Department are ready to extinguish their evil deeds.

Director Kazuki Nakashima promised a story that would subvert conventional genre tropes, but did he deliver on his promise? The story of GALO and LIO, the main characters, follows the classic hero-villain lines, without deviating at any point. The movie, with its frenetic pace and dazzling action, seems to focus on the visual experience above all else.

“Promare” is Studio Trigger’s first big-budget film, and it shows in every frame. The movie is a feast of vibrant colors that contrast with the disaster of the world it depicts. The battles are chaotic and full of multicolored destruction, but Hiroyuki Imaishi directs masterfully so that the viewer always knows what is happening on screen.

The 3D CGI animation, by SANZIGEN Animation Studio, is impressive and adds an extra dimension to the action scenes. The color palette, the character design by Shigeto Koyama, and the soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano contribute to the unique visual experience that “Promare” offers.

If you want to delve even deeper into this fiery universe before watching the movie, don’t miss the two prequel shorts, “Side Galo” and “Side Lio,” available online with Spanish dubbing. These shorts offer a taste of the style and world of “Promare,” perfect for those who are unsure if this movie is for them.

“Promare” is a true visual spectacle that must be seen on the big screen. Although its story and characters may not be up to par with its technical spectacle, this movie will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on fans of animation and unbridled action. So run to the cinema and immerse yourself in the multicolored chaos of “Promare”!

“Promare” is a cinematic experience that defies conventions and takes viewers on an amazing visual journey. While its plot and characters may not meet expectations, its dazzling display of colors and unbridled action more than compensate for any shortcomings. Studio Trigger once again demonstrates its mastery of the art of animation, offering a movie that will linger in the memory of anime fans for years to come. Don’t miss this opportunity to see “Promare” on the big screen and immerse yourself in its fiery and vibrant world!

Promare strengths:

  • Stunning visual display: “Promare” is a feast for the eyes with a vibrant color palette and impressive artistic design that creates a unique fiery world.
  • High-quality animation and CGI: The fluidity of the action scenes and the use of 3D CGI animation are excellent, making the combat sequences exciting and dynamic.
  • Captivating soundtrack: The music composed by Hiroyuki Sawano is catchy and fits perfectly with the pace of the movie, contributing to the overall experience.
  • Unique artistic personality: The movie exudes originality and deviates from genre conventions, offering something fresh and distinctive in terms of visuals and style.

Promare weaknesses:

  • Limited plot and character development: Despite its potential, the story and characters are not explored in depth and can feel underdeveloped.
  • Focus on the visual over the narrative: The movie prioritizes its impressive visual style over the plot and characters, which could disappoint those looking for a stronger narrative.
  • Simplicity in character arcs: The protagonists, Galo and Lio, follow typical archetypes and do not experience significant development throughout the movie.
  • Lack of depth in potential themes: Despite introducing interesting themes such as planetary devastation and ecology, the movie does not delve deep enough into these aspects.

In conclusion, “Promare” shines in terms of visual presentation and style, but could have benefited from a deeper plot and character.

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