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Spiral: Unraveling the Legacy of Jigsaw



“Spiral: From the Book of Saw” is a 2021 horror film that serves as a spin-off from the original Saw franchise. The story centers around Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks, played by Chris Rock, who is investigating a series of gruesome murders that mirror the signature style of the Jigsaw Killer. As Zeke delves deeper into the case, he is joined by his partner, Detective William Schenk, portrayed by Max Minghella.

The film explores themes of police corruption and misconduct, with Zeke being a whistleblower against his own department. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that the killer is targeting corrupt cops, putting Zeke and his colleagues at risk.

“Spiral” introduces a new set of deadly traps and moral dilemmas, staying true to the franchise’s gruesome tradition. While it shares some thematic elements with the original Saw films, it aims to bring a fresh perspective to the series with Chris Rock’s involvement as both an actor and executive producer.

The film combines elements of horror, suspense, and crime thriller, offering a new chapter in the Saw universe with its own unique storyline and characters. “Spiral” explores the legacy of Jigsaw and introduces a new killer with a different agenda, making it a distinctive entry in the franchise.


“Spiral: From the Book of Saw” was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, an American filmmaker known for his work in the horror genre. Bousman is notable for having previously directed three films in the original Saw franchise: “Saw II,” “Saw III,” and “Saw IV.” His return to the series for “Spiral” brought a familiar touch to the film.


The film features the following actors in its cast:

  1. Chris Rock as Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks: Chris Rock takes on a dramatic role as the film’s lead character, a detective who becomes entangled in the Jigsaw copycat case.
  2. Max Minghella as Detective William Schenk: Max Minghella portrays Detective William Schenk, Zeke’s partner in the investigation.
  3. Samuel L. Jackson as Marcus Banks: Samuel L. Jackson plays Marcus Banks, Zeke’s father and a retired police officer.
  4. Marisol Nichols as Captain Angie Garza: Marisol Nichols appears as Captain Angie Garza, Zeke and Schenk’s superior officer.
  5. Dan Petronijevic as Detective Fitch: Dan Petronijevic plays Detective Fitch, one of the detectives working on the case.
  6. Morgan David Jones as Officer Barrett: Morgan David Jones portrays Officer Barrett, another member of the police department.

These are some of the key members of the cast who contribute to the suspense and intrigue in “Spiral: From the Book of Saw,” adding their own unique talents to the film’s narrative.

“Spiral: From the Book of Saw” received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences upon its release in 2021. Here’s an overview of its reception:

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Critical Reception:

  • Critics appreciated the film’s attempt to take the Saw franchise in a different direction by introducing elements of police corruption and misconduct.
  • Some praised Chris Rock’s performance in a dramatic role, considering it a refreshing departure from his typical comedic roles.
  • However, the film’s plot and pacing received mixed reviews, with some finding it convoluted or predictable.
  • Rotten Tomatoes reported a 38% approval rating from critics, indicating a generally lukewarm critical reception.

Audience Reception:

  • Audience reactions were also mixed, with some viewers appreciating the attempt to breathe new life into the Saw franchise, while others felt it deviated too far from the original formula.
  • Fans of the series appreciated the inclusion of gruesome traps and moral dilemmas, which are characteristic of the Saw films.
  • The film’s exploration of societal issues, such as police corruption, resonated with some viewers.

In summary, “Spiral: From the Book of Saw” received a mixed reception, with some appreciating its attempt to blend elements of horror and crime thriller, while others found it lacking compared to the original Saw films. Chris Rock’s involvement brought a unique perspective to the franchise, and the film aimed to introduce fresh ideas while staying true to the series’ signature horror elements.


Chris Rock’s dramatic performance in a lead role brought a fresh and unexpected dimension to the film, showing his versatility as an actor beyond his comedic talents.

Spiral” delved into themes of police corruption and misconduct, adding a layer of social relevance to the typical Saw narrative, which intrigued some viewers and critics.

The film retained the franchise’s signature gruesome traps and moral dilemmas, providing fans with the suspenseful and gory sequences they expect from a Saw movie.


While the film attempted to take the Saw franchise in a new direction, the execution of its themes and plot left some viewers and critics divided, with some finding it convoluted or unsatisfying.

“Spiral” was criticized by some for its predictable plot elements and twists, which didn’t deliver the same level of surprise and shock as the earlier films in the series.

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As a spin-off in the Saw franchise, “Spiral” faced inevitable comparisons to the original films, and some viewers felt it didn’t quite capture the same level of intensity and creativity.

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