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Saw II (2005): A Suspenseful Sequel Expanding the Horror



“Saw II” is a horror thriller film and the second installment in the “Saw” franchise. The movie revolves around a new set of deadly games orchestrated by the infamous serial killer Jigsaw (John Kramer), once again challenging his victims to make life-altering choices.

Detective Eric Matthews (played by Donnie Wahlberg) finds himself in a race against time as he investigates a gruesome murder scene that appears to be linked to Jigsaw. Upon arriving at the scene, he discovers a group of people trapped in a booby-trapped house. Among the captives is Daniel Matthews (played by Erik Knudsen), the detective’s estranged son.

As the movie unfolds, the group of victims must confront a series of horrifying and deadly challenges designed by Jigsaw. They must work together and make difficult choices to find a way out of the deadly house. Meanwhile, Detective Matthews is pushed to his limits as he races against the clock to save his son and the other captives.

Throughout the film, Jigsaw’s motives and methods are further explored, and the tension escalates as the victims struggle to survive while uncovering the connections between their past actions and their current predicament.

“Saw II” continues the franchise’s signature elements of psychological horror, gruesome traps, and moral dilemmas, making it a worthy sequel that adds depth to the Jigsaw character and the overall “Saw” mythology.


Darren Lynn Bousman: He directed “Saw II,” marking his directorial debut in the “Saw” franchise. Bousman continued to work on subsequent sequels in the series and became an integral part of the franchise.

Main Cast

  • Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Eric Matthews: Wahlberg plays the main protagonist, a detective who finds himself in a race against time to save his son and other captives trapped in Jigsaw’s deadly house.
  • Tobin Bell as John Kramer (Jigsaw): Tobin Bell returns as the infamous serial killer and mastermind of deadly tests, Jigsaw, who continues to challenge his victims with sadistic trials.
  • Erik Knudsen as Daniel Matthews: Knudsen portrays Daniel Matthews, the son of Detective Eric Matthews, who is also trapped in Jigsaw’s house.
  • Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young: Shawnee Smith reprises her role as Amanda Young, one of the survivors of Jigsaw’s tests in the first film and now involved in the new deadly games.

The cast of “Saw II” consists of a group of characters who become ensnared in Jigsaw’s lethal traps, adding an additional layer of suspense and tension to the plot. The film continues to explore the themes of survival, morality, and punishment that are characteristic of the “Saw” franchise.

“Saw II” received a mixed reception from both critics and the general audience.

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In terms of critical reception, the film was praised for maintaining suspense and tension, much like its predecessor, and for delving deeper into the character of Jigsaw and his twisted morality. However, some critics felt that the movie might have become overly explicit in its depiction of violence and deadly games, which could be off-putting to some viewers.

Despite mixed reviews, “Saw II” had a solid box office performance, leading to the continuation of the “Saw” franchise with more sequels in the following years. The film’s commercial success and its ability to keep the audience intrigued contributed to its place in the cult horror movie series.

Ultimately, “Saw II” continued to develop Jigsaw’s mythology and kept fans of the franchise engaged with its intricate plot and elaborate deadly traps, despite the divided critical opinions.


“Saw II” delves deeper into the character of Jigsaw, providing more insight into his complex and twisted moral philosophy, adding depth to the franchise’s antagonist.

The film successfully maintains a high level of suspense and tension, keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats, a hallmark of the “Saw” series.

“Saw II” contributed to the longevity of the “Saw” franchise by expanding the story, introducing new traps, and keeping fans interested in the ongoing narrative.


Like its predecessor, “Saw II” includes explicit and gruesome scenes of violence and deadly games, which may be unsettling or disturbing for some viewers.

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The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some feeling that it became too explicit in its portrayal of violence, which may have alienated certain segments of the audience.

The intricate plot and numerous characters may be confusing for some viewers, and the film assumes familiarity with the first “Saw” movie, potentially making it less accessible to newcomers to the franchise.

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