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The walking dead season 11, Episode 5: Out Of The Ashes



The episode begins with Maggie and Daryl returning to Commonwealth.

Maggie is determined to stop the Reapers, and Daryl is determined to help her.

Maggie and Daryl meet with Pamela Milton, the leader of Commonwealth.

Pamela tells them that she is willing to help Maggie in her efforts to stop the Reapers.

Maggie and Daryl meet with Mercer, an experienced soldier who is a friend of Daryl.

Mercer tells them that he is willing to help Maggie in her mission to stop the Reapers.

Maggie and Daryl begin planning their attack against the Reapers.

Maggie wants to attack Meridian, the base of the Reapers.

Maggie and Daryl recruit a group of Commonwealth soldiers to assist them in their attack.

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Maggie’s group infiltrates Meridian and begins to engage the Reapers.

Maggie and Daryl confront Pope, the leader of the Reapers.

Maggie and Daryl kill Pope and defeat the Reapers.

Maggie and Daryl return to Commonwealth as heroes.

The episode ends with Maggie and Daryl deciding to join Commonwealth.


Chapter 5 of Season 11 of The Walking Dead is an important episode that sets the stage for the second half of the season. The episode introduces the Commonwealth, a new location that could serve as a refuge for survivors.

The episode also delves into the relationship between Maggie and Daryl. Both are forced to work together to aid the teenagers, and their relationship begins to improve.

The secondary plot of the episode is also significant, showing that the Commonwealth is willing to aid survivors, even those who are not citizens.

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Overall, Chapter 5 of Season 11 of The Walking Dead is a solid episode that paves the way for an epic season finale.

Additional Details:

  • The episode reveals that the Commonwealth is a prosperous community with a population of over 50,000 people.
  • The episode demonstrates that the Commonwealth has a well-trained army willing to protect its citizens.
  • The episode concludes with Maggie and Daryl arriving at the Commonwealth, suggesting that the two characters will remain in the community.

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