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Intricate Bonds: Relationships Tested in Attack on Titan’s ‘Twilight’ Episode



Sundays continue to bring excitement to fans of the “Attack on Titan” series, as Crunchyroll releases on its platform the latest episode from the second part of the final season. In this episode, titled “Twilight,” a series of events unfold that have provided profound character development, weaving a narrative tapestry that has kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Throughout this review, we will delve into the key moments of this episode to provide a broader understanding of its impact on the plot. However, it’s important to mention that what follows contains revelations that might be considered as spoilers.

The storytelling of this episode commences within the confines of the Stohess district, a place filled with turmoil and unease due to the recent activation of the phenomenon known as the Rumbling. Amidst the agitated population, morally intricate dilemmas arise, generating internal debates among its inhabitants. While some mourn the loss of loved ones and the destruction of their lives due to the collapse of the walls, they begin to question Eren’s choice. On the other hand, there are those who see these deaths as a necessary sacrifice to ensure the survival of the island.

Tension becomes a constant in this episode, with Hitch being one of the first to perceive the impending internal conflicts and upheavals. She starts mobilizing the Military Police soldiers to face what is coming. During her return to headquarters, Hitch discovers footprints that lead her to a fragile Annie, who has been trapped in crystallization for four years and has heard everything shared by Hitch and Armin. Despite the threats and the time that has passed, Hitch decides to help Annie escape the city.

As Annie and Hitch ride together, Annie takes the opportunity to share more about herself with Hitch. While much of the information has already been covered through flashbacks and the “Lost Girls” novel, a new detail emerges: Annie’s father is not her biological father. Annie’s mother had a relationship with an Eldian man, and Annie was born from this relationship before being abandoned. This revelation sheds light on her behavior and her perspective on life.

Annie’s story is marked by loneliness. She has always been treated as a tool by others, never as a human being. The figure of Mr. Leonhart, who took her in but only saw her as a means to his own ends, reinforces this tragic reality. However, moments before departing on her mission to Paradis, Mr. Leonhart expressed his wish for Annie to return alive, giving new meaning to her actions and her will to live.

Annie’s story also intersects with Eren and Armin. Eren showed admiration for her due to her skills in martial arts, and Annie taught him to fight. Armin praised her as “a good person,” which led Annie to make decisions that challenge her Titan nature. The limited interactions she had with them reveal her longing for affection and friendship, which drove her to make illogical choices in pursuit of those bonds.

The second half of the episode focuses on Shiganshina, where Connie makes a shocking decision that reflects his distress and desperation. Armin grapples internally with the responsibility thrust upon him, sparking a tense scene with Mikasa. Mikasa’s identity crisis is also highlighted, and her relationship with Eren takes on new nuances.

Jean witnesses Floch’s disturbing behavior, who represents Eren and utters words that deeply affect Jean. The episode culminates with Hange and Levi, seemingly alive, meeting Pieck and Magath, presenting new possibilities in the plot.

“Twilight” adapts Chapter 125 of the original manga, providing a captivating depiction of the chaos that ensues when the chain of command is shattered amidst war. The characters face complex and heartbreaking decisions, reflecting their motivations and regrets. The intricately woven narrative by author Hajime Isayama continues to captivate, keeping the audience enthralled week after week. As the plot unfolds, it remains to be seen how these characters will confront the challenges ahead and how their decisions will shape the fate of this world in crisis.

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