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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 28 – Unveiling Eren’s Complex Path



Anticipation and expectation culminated in a stunning conclusion to the second part of “Attack on Titan,” leaving viewers craving more. In an episode that predominantly focused on Mikasa and Eren, MAPPA showcased their mastery by weaving intricate and surprising elements into this final installment. Since its release on Sunday at 21:45 hours on Crunchyroll, “The Dawn of Humanity” has left a lasting mark, immersing fans in an exhilarating and nuanced experience. Throughout this analysis, we will delve into the multiple layers and emotions that this episode evoked.

The episode opens with Mikasa aboard the alliance’s ship, in her endeavor to halt the Rumbling and Eren. The plot rewinds several months back, when the group first traveled to Marley. MAPPA finally adapts one of the series’ most intriguing flashbacks, which fans have been eagerly waiting to see on screen. From the endearing reactions of Hange, Sasha, Connie, and the others upon discovering the advanced society on the other side of the sea, to the pivotal moment when Eren makes a radical decision. It is at this juncture that Eren seems to arrive at a definitive conclusion: no one will accept his people. This perception culminates in his resolute decision to carry out his audacious plan.

Mikasa plays a pivotal role in this episode, highlighting her relationship with Eren. The conversation between them is intense and revealing, unraveling their feelings and connections. Through this interaction, the emotional burden Eren carries is laid bare, showcasing his understanding of the consequences of his actions. The episode succeeds in capturing the characters’ emotional complexities, allowing the viewer to feel the depth of their dilemmas and choices.

The second half of the episode delves into Chapter 130, shedding light on Eren’s intentions and emotional journey. Flashbacks reveal how he orchestrated his plan, deceiving some and entrusting others. Notably, Eren’s deception of Mikasa regarding her Ackerman heritage unveils his ability to manipulate truth to achieve his objectives. His interactions with Historia also provide crucial insights into his evolution and the decisions that led him to where he is now.

Eren’s internal conflict is explored in depth, with his motivations and desires in constant flux. The viewer witnesses Eren’s unyielding determination to secure the freedom of his loved ones, regardless of the personal cost. His willingness to endure pain and anguish for his cause is palpable, providing a striking contrast to the devastating images of the Titans advancing towards Marley.

In the culmination of the episode, Eren utters words that resonate powerfully: “I’m going to kill them. Every single one of them.” These words encapsulate his growth, motivation, and desires. As the series marches towards its conclusion, the complexities of Eren as a central character continue to captivate the audience, leaving them with a mix of emotions and unanswered questions.

In summary, “The Dawn of Humanity” encapsulates the essence of “Attack on Titan.” The series continues to explore themes of freedom, sacrifice, and an individual’s desire to alter their destiny and that of their people. Characters have evolved throughout the series, yet remain true to their fundamental essence. MAPPA has delivered an episode that is both heart-wrenching and beautiful, filled with surprising twists and impactful revelations.

As the series moves toward its climax, fans can anticipate endless discussions and analyses of Eren’s development and the meaning behind his actions. While the episode may not have fulfilled all expectations, it achieved what it needed to: fostering deep reflection on the characters and motivations driving the narrative. With its closure, “Attack on Titan” leaves a lasting imprint on the anime world, and its influence will continue to resonate long after the Titans have faded from the screen.

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