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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 24: Clash of Loyalties: Analyzing the Alliance Dynamics



A new Sunday has arrived, bringing with it another thrilling episode of “Attack on Titan,” and at Ramen para Dos, we have the pleasure of bringing you a new review. This time, we’ll delve into episode 24 of the final season. It’s already available on Crunchyroll in its original version with Spanish subtitles.

This episode, titled “Pride,” adapts manga chapter 126, which has garnered criticism from readers. Personally, I find this chapter, written by author Hajime Isayama, to potentially be one of the least successful to date. Nonetheless, MAPPA’s animation manages to slightly enhance the original material, although pacing issues still persist.

The plot kicks off with Hange shooting two soldiers from the Paradis army. While it’s a painful action evident in her expression, it’s a desperate measure. Their survival and that of the Jaegerists hang in the balance. Levi’s life also teeters on the edge, heightening the urgency of the situation.

After healing Levi’s wounds and hearing Eren’s message signaling the start of the Rumbling, Hange and Levi set out. On their journey, they cross paths with Pieck and Magath, picking up where the previous episode left off. The meeting of these leaders from opposing factions promised to be an interesting moment, akin to the conversation between Magath and Willy Tybur in the Marley arc. However, the interaction is reduced to simplistic and shallow dialogue, culminating in an alliance aimed at eliminating Zeke.

The plot then shifts focus to Connie, who grapples with the notion of sacrificing Falco to save his mother. Armin intervenes at the eleventh hour, willing to sacrifice himself for the child, but Connie stops him. Though this subplot is swiftly resolved, Connie’s development proves more satisfying. He grasps that fulfilling his mother’s wish to be a good soldier entails aiding those in need. Nevertheless, this part seems to serve as a pretext to take Armin, Connie, Gabi, and Falco to Trost, the city closest to Ragako village, where they reunite with Annie.

On the other hand, Mikasa and Jean remain with the Jaegerists. Mikasa visits Louise, a girl she saved four years ago during the Trost attack. Louise joined the military out of devotion to Mikasa, even holding onto the scarf Mikasa gifted her—a symbol of warmth in a cruel world. Mikasa’s reaction to the ailing Louise is understandable. The situation has driven her to a state of desperation and trauma, reflected in her seemingly cold demeanor. Nonetheless, Mikasa makes the tough decision to join the alliance to halt Eren.

In contrast, Jean appears initially resistant to joining the alliance. Under a “loyalty test” imposed by Floch, he’s ordered to shoot Onyankopon. However, Jean “fails” four attempts, prompting the appearance of the Cart Titan. Pieck carries away Yelena, Onyankopon, and Jean, causing chaos among the soldiers, who believe the titans devoured the train. Meanwhile, Armin, Mikasa, Annie, Connie, Gabi, and Falco secure supplies and flee into the forest, where they rendezvous with Magath, Levi, and Hange.

Surprised by Jean’s behavior, Onyankopon questions why he joined the alliance. Jean could’ve led a peaceful life, far from war, but he realizes the lives lost would’ve been in vain. Though this decision might yield negative consequences for Jean and the others, he chooses to do what’s right.

At this point, one might wonder how Hange, Armin, and the rest can ally with Marley after all that’s transpired. However, at this juncture in the story, the primary goal is to protect loved ones rather than the war itself. Everyone shares the aim of halting the destruction and death caused by Eren, leading to cooperation with Marley despite past differences.

The core issue of this episode, as mentioned at the beginning of this review, lies in how these alliances are developed. While the story’s direction makes sense, it would’ve been enriching to see the characters debate and arrive at an agreement on the logic behind the alliance, rather than presenting everything so directly and hastily. This is particularly evident in Annie’s reunion.

The preceding episodes succeeded in capturing the grim current situation and nuanced perspectives of both sides. However, the swift resolutions sidelined the emotional nuance that characterized earlier episodes. The abrupt shift in tone from desperation to “lighter” moments feels unnatural.

Viewers are aware of Annie’s change after her time in crystallization, thanks to her conversations with Hitch. However, the characters are unaware of this development. It’s somewhat unconvincing that, after all they’ve been through, the characters are so friendly, and interactions flow seamlessly. Conversely, Reiner’s interactions with the others appear more tense at the episode’s end. Despite these inconsistencies, everyone comes together with the aim of stopping Eren.

In conclusion, this episode of “Attack on Titan” continues to explore the unexpected alliances among characters and factions amid dire circumstances. While the plot advances and a clear objective is presented, the way these collaborations are established can come across as abrupt and lacking in emotional depth. The fight for survival and protection of loved ones drives the characters to unite.

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