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Cardi B Cleared of Any Criminal Wrongdoing Over Las Vegas Microphone Incident



Rapper and songwriter Cardi B has been officially cleared by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in relation to an event where the star reportedly threw her microphone at a fan.

Incident Details: An Unexpected Turn of Events on Stage

The incident occurred during a recent weekend performance when Cardi B, an established figure in the hip-hop scene, retaliated against a disrespectful audience member. The event happened at Drai’s Beachclub located on the famed Las Vegas Strip. The individual had allegedly disrupted the artist’s performance by hurling a drink at her, to which she responded by throwing her microphone.

Police Involvement: A Thorough Review Leads to a Clear Verdict

While a complaint was lodged by the alleged victim following the incident, the law enforcement agency, after a careful review, dismissed the case, citing a lack of sufficient evidence. According to the statement released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, no charges would be filed regarding the case.

Legal Response: Cardi B’s Attorneys Express Their Appreciation

Following the announcement, Cardi B’s legal representatives—Drew Findling, David Chesnoff, and Richard Schonfeld—expressed their gratitude towards the department for their prompt and efficient handling of the case.

The Larger Picture: A String of Recent Stage Incidents

Unfortunately, the episode involving Cardi B is not isolated. The music industry has witnessed a series of disturbing events where artists have been targeted by unruly fans while performing. Renowned artists such as Drake, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Harry Styles have also been victims of similar on-stage incidents recently.

Public Reaction: Cardi B Caught on Camera

During the performance, Cardi B was in the middle of her chart-topping song “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” when the incident occurred. A video circulating on social media shows the hip-hop star responding in a visibly upset manner to the unexpected splash from the audience, throwing her microphone into the crowd in reaction. Cardi B later shared this video on her own social media, confirming the incident to her fans.

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