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The Barbie Wave: Mattel’s Successful Cinema Venture



Barbie, the much-loved doll that has been a staple of playrooms for generations, recently found a new home on the silver screen. The movie, led by the talented Margot Robbie, made a big splash at the box office, igniting a wave of excitement and anticipation for future projects from the company that gave us Barbie: Mattel.

Hollywood Welcomes Mattel

This surge shows no signs of slowing down, as new information has been unveiled about a series of movies that Mattel has in the works. With the successful launch of the Barbie movie, Mattel has officially stamped its mark in Hollywood.

Following a period of slumping sales, new CEO Ynon Kreiz brought a breath of fresh air to the company. His innovative idea? To build a cinematic universe from the brand’s famous products. According to leaks from Variety, Mattel has an impressive 14 films in the pipeline, each spun from its most popular toys. With the success of Barbie under its belt, the company has confirmed the potential of the projects it’s developing.

Barney and Polly Pocket Get The Spotlight

First up on Mattel’s roster is a movie about everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur, Barney. This won’t be a simple child’s tale, though. Under the guidance of producer Daniel Kaluuya, Mattel promises a “surreal” take on the lovable character that addresses adult themes in an unexpected manner. Also, in the lineup is a movie about Polly Pocket. Starring Lily Collins and directed by Lena Dunham, the family comedy is already in the pre-production stage at MGM, with a completed script ready to go.

From Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots to American Girl

Not to be left out, the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots are also getting their big-screen moment, with none other than Vin Diesel at the forefront. The screenplay is still being developed and details about the plot are under wraps. Additionally, a family comedy based on the popular American Girl dolls is in the works. Robbie Brenner, the head of Mattel Films, has shared that there’s an amusing storyline underway.

A Toy Universe Comes to Life

Also on the horizon is a film adaptation of the Magic 8 Ball toy. Few details are known about this project, but Brenner playfully suggested it might end up being a “PG-13 thriller.” Mattel has been developing a story about superhero He-Man, titled Masters of the Universe, for several years now. The project has been stuck in development, but Mattel hopes it will become one of the most popular action-adventure films of its time when completed.

In a venture with Warner Bros, J.J. Abrams is set to produce a film adaptation of Mattel’s successful Hot Wheels toy line. The goal is to create a “grounded and gritty” film, with “real” characters embarking on emotional journeys. Major Matt Mason, Mattel’s famous astronaut from the ’60s, will also be getting a big-screen adaptation, with Tom Hanks in the starring role. The globally-renowned card game Uno is set to make its cinematic debut as well, with screenwriter Marcy Kelly already on board.

Looking to the Future with Mattel

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Mattel’s ambitious venture into the film industry is a bold new phase for toy-to-film adaptations. It opens up a world of possibilities for brand expansion and audience engagement. With such a diverse and exciting lineup, audiences around the globe are waiting eagerly to see what the beloved toy company will bring to cinemas next.

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