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“I’m a World Champion, and You’re Not”: Piqué’s Disconcerting Episode Apparently Under the Influence



The President of the Kings League attempted to deliver a speech amidst the tournament final celebrations, but the jeers and chants against him sidetracked him.

Gerard Piqué found himself at the center of an awkward incident during the party held to commemorate the Kings League’s final. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until the 36-year-old former player seized the microphone to say a few words. It was at this point that the crowd began to chant Shakira’s name, drowning out Piqué’s speech. The crowd echoed “Shakira, Shakira, Shakira…”

Piqué’s Reaction: A Display of Apparent Inebriation and Disregard

The Catalan, seemingly inebriated, responded unexpectedly, belittling the attending audience for not being champions, according to him. “I don’t care, I’m a world champion, and you all are nobody,” he retorted. Moreover, the ex-footballer derogatorily labeled them as mere puppets.

The Night of Tension: Not the Only Uneasy Moment for Gerard

However, this wasn’t the only tense moment for Gerard that night. Manuel Turizo, one of the invited performers, incorporated into his performance repertoire ‘Copa Vacía,’ one of his latest hits featuring Shakira. Consequently, the Colombian singer’s name echoed throughout the entire stadium.

Public Reaction: Shakira’s Unintentional Presence Sparks Controversy

The crowd’s response to Shakira’s mention and their continued chanting served as a disruption to the event, contributing to the mounting tension. This incident, coupled with Piqué’s subsequent reaction, has raised eyebrows and drawn increased attention to the event.

Under the Influence: A Noteworthy Moment in a High-Profile Event

The spectacle involving Piqué under the influence at a high-profile event has become a moment of interest to many. His reactions and comments have stirred various reactions amongst fans, critics, and the public at large. As the President of the Kings League, his behavior has brought even more scrutiny and discussion to the tournament’s final.

The Fallout: An Unsettling Night for the Football Legend

While the night was meant to celebrate the Kings League’s final, Piqué’s behavior left a sour taste in many attendees’ mouths. From the chants of Shakira’s name disrupting his speech to his derogatory comments about the crowd, it was an unsettling night for the football legend. Despite his achievements on the field, his actions during this event have led many to question his leadership and conduct off the pitch.

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