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US Concealing UFO Program, Alleges Ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer



“Unveiling the enigma: Major David Grusch exposes alleged decades-long UFO program and its National Security Implications”

In a seismic revelation that may cause a rethink of our understanding of the cosmos and national security, a former Air Force intelligence official, Major David Grusch, came forward to the Congress on Wednesday to shed light on an alleged decades-long UFO program by the United States. This program, according to Grusch, engages in the recovery and reverse-engineering of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), or as the government prefers to call them, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

The allegations set forth a fresh wave of interest in UFOs, with Congress’s latest dive into the enigmatic world of UAPs, shifting the discourse around mysterious flying objects from the realm of sci-fi to the arena of national security. However, the Pentagon has swiftly denied these claims.

The US Congress held its first-ever hearing on UFOs and aliens in its history.

Major Grusch’s revelations: a call for unity in Congress and a renewed focus on UAPs and national security

Grusch’s revelations put a new spin on the discussions on unidentified flying objects, which usually invoke images of extraterrestrials and “little green men.” However, the recent discourse surrounding the topic has seen Democrats and Republicans, in a rare show of unity, call for a more comprehensive investigation. This bipartisan support stems from increasing concerns about the possible links between these sightings and the nation’s adversaries.

The former intelligence official’s tale begins in 2019 when he was called upon by the head of a government task force on UAPs to identify all highly classified programs connected with the group’s mission. His role at the National Reconnaissance Office, which operates the nation’s spy satellites, put him in the position to access information on these matters.

The UFO Scandal: Ex-US intelligence official, David Grusch, swears under oath that extraterrestrials exist and the government is in possession of UFOs and non-human bodies.

A Secret Program and ‘Non-Human’ Activities since the 1930s

Grusch’s testimony took a turn towards the sensational when he claimed to have been made aware of a secret program. “I was informed during the course of my official duties of a decades-long reverse engineering and recovery program for failed UAPs to which I was denied access,” he claimed. This claim, if accurate, suggests a long history of interactions with these phenomena.

Grusch further added an element of mystery when asked about the government’s knowledge of extraterrestrial life. He suggested that the US has likely been privy to “non-human” activity since the 1930s. The implication of his statement sparked intrigue and raised questions on the extent of the government’s knowledge on such matters.

Government Denial and Whistleblower’s Price: Grusch’s Contentions Meet Skepticism and Personal Repercussions

Despite the gravity of Grusch’s claims, the Pentagon dismissed his assertions. The Department of Defense spokesperson, Sue Gough, stated that their investigations found “no verifiable information to support the claims that there has been or is currently any program related to possession or reverse engineering of extraterrestrial materials.” However, the statement did not delve into those UFOs not suspected of being extraterrestrial objects, leaving room for speculation.

Grusch’s audacious step of becoming a government whistleblower, following his discovery, had a toll on his professional and personal life. Without going into specifics, citing an ongoing investigation, Grusch revealed that he had faced brutal and unfortunate repercussions. His experiences serve as a stark reminder of the consequences faced by those who dare to expose hidden information.

Congressman Glenn Grothman, a Republican from Wisconsin who chaired the panel hearing, humorously welcomed the attendees before a packed audience: “Welcome to the most exciting subcommittee of Congress this week.”

Congress Demands UFO Data from Government

Following Grusch’s testimony, the Congressional subcommittee requested the government share the data it has concerning UFOs. The demand followed testimony from former military personnel who claimed to have witnessed these phenomena and alleged that the authorities have evidence of these sightings.

For decades, US authorities have reported unexplained sightings over the country’s airspace. The retired military personnel, who came forward to testify, emphasized that these phenomena pose a threat to national security, irrespective of their origin.

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The overwhelming number of witnesses, including both military and civilian pilots, led the subcommittee members to call on the US government to set up a “transparent and safe” system. Such a system would allow the reporting of these incidents to authorities without jeopardizing the witnesses’ reputations.

One such witness was Lieutenant Ryan Graves, a former F-18 fighter plane pilot for the US Navy. He testified that “if UFOs are foreign drones, they are an urgent national security problem.” He added that if they are of human origin, “it’s a matter for science.”

Regardless of their origins, these unidentified objects pose a significant concern for air safety, Graves remarked. His words underscore the need for a serious and comprehensive approach to these phenomena, which could carry far-reaching implications for our understanding of the cosmos and our place within it.

Commander David Gravor, another retired Navy pilot, added to the growing body of evidence. He described an encounter with a tic-tac-shaped UFO in 2004 that demonstrated flight capabilities beyond the reach of US technology.

Graves underlined the need for legislative oversight if the US does possess such advanced technology. In the end, he argued, it is the lawmakers who must decide on the course of action that best serves American interests.

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