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Review: “Elite” Season 7 – A Riveting Spanish YA Drama with New Faces and Unresolved Mysteries



  • “Unraveling the Secrets: A Preview of ‘Elite’ Season 7”
  • “Return to Las Encinas: What to Expect in ‘Elite’ Season 7”
  • “New Faces, New Mysteries: An Exciting Look at ‘Elite’ Season 7”
  • “Saying Goodbye and Hello: A Sneak Peek at ‘Elite’ Season 7”
  • “A Dramatic Return: ‘Elite’ Season 7 Unveiled”
  • “Anticipating the Drama: ‘Elite’ Season 7 Preview”
  • “The Enthralling World of ‘Elite’ Continues: A Glimpse of Season 7”
  • “Mystery and Intrigue: A Sneak Peek into ‘Elite’ Season 7”
  • “New Beginnings and Unresolved Puzzles: ‘Elite’ Season 7 Unveiled”
  • “A Fiery Teaser: What’s Next in ‘Elite’ Season 7”

“Elite,” the popular Spanish YA drama series, returns with its highly anticipated Season 7, promising another thrilling and enthralling chapter in the lives of the students at Las Encinas. Set to premiere on October 20 on Netflix, the upcoming season is set to answer lingering questions from the previous installment and introduce new characters to spice up the drama.

Season 6 of “Elite” was a game-changer, taking the series in a more socially relevant direction while maintaining its signature blend of mystery, romance, and intrigue. The eight episodes of the latest installment were a compelling and worthwhile watch, leaving viewers eager to explore what lies ahead for the students of Las Encinas.

Netflix confirmed that Season 7 is already in production, and fans can’t wait to see the answers to some burning questions. Will Ivan survive, and will the Blancos return to the school after leaving everything behind with their father Benjamin? What consequences will Sara and Raúl face for wrongly blaming Mencía for the hit-and-run involving the footballer’s son? And let’s not forget the jaw-dropping shootout that concluded the last episode.

One of the most significant reveals was the fate of Samuel, whose death left a lasting impact. However, some viewers felt that the character deserved a more fitting farewell considering the impact he had on the show. Another major death was Cruz’s, providing one of the most heartbreaking moments of the sixth season.

While there is still time until Season 7 arrives, some exciting details have already been revealed. The upcoming season will introduce new actors to the ensemble cast, including Mirela Balic (“Zorras”), Fernando Líndez (“SKAM”), Gleb Abrosimov, Iván Mendes (“Estoy vivo”), and Alejandro Albarracín (“+ de 100 mentiras”). Most notably, the acclaimed actress Maribel Verdú, a two-time Goya Award winner, will make a bombastic entrance into the series.

As a pleasant surprise for fans, Omar Ayuso, who portrayed Omar until Season 5, will return to the show. Unlike other cast members who had official goodbyes, Omar’s absence was announced via emotional social media posts. Now, he’s back at Las Encinas and has joined forces with his new classmates.

Nadia Al Saidi, who played Sonia and became a beloved character, will also continue to be part of the cast in Season 7.

However, the future of some beloved characters remains uncertain, with Itzan Escamilla and Carloto Cotta likely departing for obvious reasons. Other characters, such as Claudia Salas or Pol Granch, also have uncertain fates.

As for the plot, fans are eagerly waiting to find out if Ivan survived his coma, if Mencía, Ari, and Patrick will return to Las Encinas after starting a new life, and if Sara will confess her guilt in the hit-and-run incident.

“Elite” Season 7 is set to continue its tradition of riveting storytelling, compelling performances, and surprising twists that have made the show a global hit. With the addition of new characters and the return of some familiar faces, viewers can expect an exciting and emotionally charged season.

As we eagerly await the new episodes, Netflix has teased fans with a teaser trailer featuring a “videoclip”-like compilation of all the characters, including Omar Ayuso, who is making his comeback. The teaser also introduces new cast members, including André Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere, Ana Bokesa, Álvaro de Juana, Ander Puig, Carmen Arrufat, Alex Pastrana, and singer Anitta, creating even more anticipation for the upcoming season.

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With its mix of mystery, drama, and romance, “Elite” continues to be a captivating series that leaves audiences hungry for more.

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