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Jungle Solitaire: A Wild Card Game



Jungle Solitaire – A Card Game Adventure takes you on an exciting journey through the lush and exotic rainforests of the Amazon.

You’ll need all your wits and strategy to survive the challenges that await you in this thrilling solitaire game. As you navigate through the dense jungle foliage, you’ll encounter a wide variety of obstacles and enemies, from venomous snakes and crocodiles to ferocious jaguars and tribal warriors. But don’t worry, you’ll also have a few helpful friends along the way, including a trusty machete and a loyal parrot companion. In this solitaire adventure, you’ll need to match cards of the same suit and rank in order to clear them from the board. But be careful, the jungle is full of surprises, and you never know what dangers lurk around the next bend.

You’ll need to keep your eye on the prize and stay focused if you want to emerge victorious. With beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay, Jungle Solitaire: A Card Game Adventure is the ultimate challenge for solitaire enthusiasts. So grab your machete and embark on a wild journey through the jungle today!

Jungle Solitaire: A Card Game Adventure Solitaire in the Jungle: The Wild Quest The Jungle Solitaire Challenge Solitaire Safari: A Rainforest Adventure Exploring the Jungle with Solitaire

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