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The walking dead season 11, Episode 8: For Blood



El episodio comienza con Maggie y Daryl arriving at a new location.

Maggie is determined to build a new community for her people, one that is fair and equitable.

Maggie and Daryl start to explore the area.

Maggie discovers an old building that could be used as a base for her new community.

Maggie and Daryl begin to clean up the building.

The group is forced to fight against walkers, and Connie is injured again.

Maggie and Daryl manage to escape from the walkers.

Maggie and Daryl encounter a group of survivors.

The group is led by Gabriel, a friend of Maggie.

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Maggie and Daryl join Gabriel’s group.

The group continues to work on cleaning up the building.

In Commonwealth, Pamela Milton is trying to regain control.

Pamela Milton knows that Maggie and Daryl have information about the corruption in Commonwealth and is determined to silence them.

Pamela Milton sends a group of soldiers to pursue Maggie and Daryl.

Maggie and Daryl’s group is attacked by Commonwealth soldiers.

Maggie and Daryl manage to escape from the soldiers.

Maggie and Daryl head to Hilltop.

Maggie is determined to reunite her people and build a new community.

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The episode ends with Maggie and Daryl arriving at Hilltop.

Maggie is determined to start a new life for her people.


Chapter 8 of Season 11 of The Walking Dead is an important episode that culminates in a showdown between Maggie and the Reapers. The episode shows that Maggie is determined to protect Alexandria, even if it means risking her own life.

The episode also explores the relationship between Maggie and Negan. Maggie is still resentful of Negan for his past actions, but she is willing to work with him to defeat the Reapers.

The secondary plot of the episode is also significant. It shows that Carol and Judith are starting to build a new life in the Commonwealth, but they are concerned about the friends they left behind.

Overall, Chapter 8 of Season 11 of The Walking Dead is a solid episode that sets the stage for an epic season finale.

Additional Details:

  • The episode reveals that Pope is working for Pamela Milton.
  • The episode shows that Negan is being tortured by Pope.
  • The episode ends with Negan being captured by Pope, suggesting that the two characters will continue to be enemies in the upcoming episodes.

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